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A reflection on the New Testament and Christianity: a layman affirming his position.

The main intention of this post is to serve as a personal reflective writing for my own use. This just sets out my own thoughts with honesty. If you happen to read this, don't take offence.  Christianity essentially comes from the New Testament that is garnished with symbolic mythology and dramatic legend. As a realist, let me dive straight in by saying that the gospels were anonymous until the second century, we don't know who wrote them! The gospel of John is attribute to an unnamed witness and dates for its origin are set around 80-100 CE. Mark is believed to be the oldest at 65-75 CE with Matthew and Luke respectively compiled around 80-110 CE. These documents were not novelistic historical memoirs as we might expect. E. P Sanders explained that first century preachers of the Jesus movement had numerous snippets or pericopes of scripture which increased in number over time. Post crucifixion, the apostles went underground producing no fine body of literature at all. Just ima