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The Dance of Fact and Fiction

Do Movie Characters Shape Our Personalities or Do We Inspire Character Development?  Across every form of media there's a story; on both clay and electronic tablet and the big screen. We have so many transitional archetypes, as early as Gilgamesh, the biblical fall of Lucifer, along with the spiritual transformation of the disciples, there's the u-turn of Saul to Paul, who was temporarily blinded by the divine light of the alleged resurrected Christ.  We see change themes in various super hero origin stories, including that of Bruce Banner/Hulk or Bruce Wayne, the Batman . Other examples include Beauty and the Beast, or the story of Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader, and everyone knows Doctor Who, the regenerating time lord. Our mythology and lore across Europe, has shape-shifting pagan gods along with werewolves and vampires. Further east the narrative of the Buddha's awakening is easy to find. We could compile a huge list.  However, transformation, the complete alter