When Relatives Go Holy: Turning to the Dark Side?

Often I Feel Like Obi-Wan Kenobi Who Lost His Padawan: When Relatives Go Holy—Turning to the Dark Side? 

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Real-Life Stories and Personal Experiences

We have all encountered religious zeal in our families to some extent. I enjoyed listening to biblical morality stories in my school assemblies; I do still value them, but I say let's keep everything in moderation. When my fathers side of the family attempted to exorcise me though, I began to draw a few lines! 
I'm not alone. 

It's frustrating to see another relative turn deeply religious and scriptural. He considers himself a humble philosophy enthusiast and speaks highly of modal logic, as well as the philosphy of moralty, and cosmological arguments, and theories of time. You might know where I'm going with this. He and I might spark up a debate, and often, it will seize up, because my eristic socrates will even deny established fact or adopt futile pedantic semantics solely to pose as being right; for example, he once used the common layman definition of 'proof' to argue that the existence of Jesus's tomb is a proven fact, despite knowing that a proper Richard III level of verification is needed to do so. The bible alone, he argued, sufficiently validates it. He openly admits his dishonesty and enjoys playing the contrarian. Has this happened to you? Did it affect your family dynamics? His reading of philosophy is admirable, but he undermines it, as he does with the core virtue of his religion, namely, the teaching on honesty. The online Cambridge definition of 'Philosophy' and 'Christian' are:

Philosophy: the use of reason in understanding such things as the nature of the real world and existence, the use and limits of knowledge, and the principles of moral judgment. 

Christian: of or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ: 

    ● a Christian charity/organization

    ● the Christian faith

My kindred thinker is not impartial to dismissing science, even after nudging his scientific data to promote prayer potency on poorly patients. Anti-science rhetoric is mostly thrown around by those who confuse science with anti-theism. I'm not anti-spiritual or an atheist, my own personal path simply isn't a mainstream religion. I'm just saying, reason and faith can be opposing attitudes, just as Christian Moral Realism is illogical. Imagine the conflict of being gay and Muslim. Our nature as humans is imperfect, I dont accept unwavering religious conviction, despite such belief being an expectation, or a vague 'ought' for you to have, simply because it's 'good'. This unrealistic concept of unwavering belief, would, if it worked, remove our fear of death, and scriptural eternal damnation would have prevented all crime in the clergy. You see, genuine unwavering belief would flood the cities and streets with crowds of believers desperate to save their non-believing friends and loved ones from the nearing nightmare of hellish unending fire and damnation, but where are these believers? Strings of belief animate us, but here, they droop under laissez faire puppetry. I just want my relative to go back to the way he was before!

When I ask myself what strengthens wavering faith in a world of natural disasters, horror, war and madness, I usually put it down to bravado and self-deception. I consider the theology of an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving Israeli God (omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent) to be devoid of philosophical thought; people promote their God's unchanging nature, immutability or everpresence. However, there's a conspiracy of silence in churches who aren't inclined to explore any of the key religio-political transformations during the history of the God of Israel. Theology and historical sciences differ.

      'This wrathful and jealous lord of the old testament has gone all 'love and peace' clearly quite a significant change in just two testaments. Where's the unchangeability here?' 

                                                                                                       Me ranting. 

Free Will, Omniscience, and the Illusion of Choice

Judeo-christian theology lays it all out; Yahweh gave us free will and we defied him—we ate from his fruit tree! Undoubtedly, these theologies have also respectively been developed, every Abrahamic religion acknowledges that our free will does continue to lead us into sin or wrong doing. I guess it does follow that Yahweh, the unchanging, all-knowing, all-powerful and now, benelovent God (who walked amongst many gods), knowingly let humans fall into their own quagmire. 

This all-knowing God, would, by his nature, have known that humanity would choose to commit sin after creating us; so here's the question begging to be asked: does this mean free will was always just an illusion? If so, in this tradition, omniscience has undoubtedly facilitated sin, and it has nurtured human evil, even priming its ideal breeding grounds in that garden! 

What punishment did this loving god create in order to steer us away from the sin he enabled? Banishment from paradise? or even eternity in hellfire? Does it seem right? What an irrational theological burden! It goes too far, loses coherence, detracts from its own concept of divinity. Surely better ideas exist elsewhere? 

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The Pointless Sacrifice and the Selective Intervention

When Yahweh lovingly appointed his so-called son, Jesus, to be tortured and then, to die for a weekend, no evils ended; it didn't even alleviate the roman occupation, nor did it avert our twentieth century wars for that matter. The problem of evil was not resolved by Jesus Christ. Christianity was persecuted at the start, but we did, however, see an increase in interesting church-made, brain derived theologies that had equally cruel consequences. Fair dues, there are fantastic Jesus moralty stories, maybe they are best left there, or is that avoidant? People don't like to think about the jewish trials and tribulations that followed the crucifixion, such as the seige of Jerusalem. Rome slaughtered ridiculous amounts of Jewish people, just like in the Bar Kokhba revolt. Does the fact that the God of Israel's chosen people actually lost Israel not suggest anything? Jewish people endured centuries of persecution from Christendom, how is that not a sign something is off? The horrors of the holocaust go without saying. I've said all these things to my philosophical Christian sage to no avail and it is frustrating. I should leave him to his own devices, I really should.

After running both modal logic and Bayesian analysis, mundane removal of the body is the likely explanation for the historical events that inspired the resurrection story of Jesus. It rests well with contemporary grave robbings and confiscation measures to prevent religious dispute. Scripture is understandably pro resurrection, but its objectivity is very much questionable. The story is central to the Christian Church, despite its improbability from an entirely historical perspective. As a myth, it is wonderful and packed with ethics and wisdom we should embrace. 

Alien parasite eating christians but dislike taste

Surely, in theory, such an all-powerful and all-knowing divinity, could have originally designed our genetic predispositions to be repulsed by doing sinful things, right? Yes, of course. So why do people hold on to an irrational reliance where the Almighty relies on religious agency such as teachers, scripture writers and churches? It's simply club membership perks. Our DNA already steers us away from doing quite a few unsavoury things and that doesn't detract from our perceived free will, so its a fair question to ask. In fact, if we consider those enslaved to gambling, sex or drug addiction, stealing and other forms of sin or wrong doing, the free will theology loses appeal because we naturally become enslaved. There is a paradox of divine persuasion here.

This omnipotent, Israeli God, who has fought tribal wars against Baal and Chemosh, and once revealed his presence in the ancient Jewish sky; so why has it stopped? Why does he not appear to all the nations and order an end of wars? We can all visualise an ancient divine strategy, some coceivable solution that could've literally wiped out thousands of years of pointless hide and seek theology and slippery debate. The reliance on evangelism and dubious clergy with which Jesus himself clashed could all have never existed via a bit of genetic tweaking, but, instead; we are sadly left with cryptic scriptures and promises from orthodox people and holy relatives who all interpret things differently.

This changeless and evolved deity doesnt fit his own theology. After sharing the archeological history of Yahweh with my kindred of Christ, and moral realist, he stopped, listened and began to think, instead of just trying to win for once, before spouting out a theory on societal realisation for the deity. Poof! Out of thin air! Not too much unlike an apologetic, he thrust his idea of a gradual revelation of the God with a forced conviction by claiming that Yahweh had only been properly truly understood in his full godly form by Christian era theologians. It was very disappointing guillotine decapitation of historical and cultural acquisition. The scripture and all the pertaining archeological discoveries hit the floor, rolling centre stage to become his reimagined version of the God of Israel. I always said, people created God and not the other way around, unfortunately, he proved me right in the end! I found a new level of ignorance that day. I have found self-righteousness in Christians in my life, I guess it's only a minority? 

A sprout saying dont doubt!


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