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Naked Attraction: More Than Meets the Eye? A Look at British Gameshow Nudity

British Gameshow Erotica: Unveiling Our Obsession with Seedy TV Naked Attraction isn't the same as watching Baywatch for the first time as a kid in the Nineties. It's a bare-all bonanza of boobs, balls, butts with banter, bringing a buffet of bulging bits binding Brits to their boxes with a barrage of bewitching bodies!  Curiosity Served Raw:  In a genuine Naked Attraction world would be strange; everyone's nude and everyone primarily remembers you because of your peculiarities, everyone will know a Fiona Floppy Flaps or Donkey Dick Dave. The selling point is the gradual process of unveiling, which in such a real world, might reflected or portrayed as the slow and gradual build up to the person? Objectification is why the contestants break up; this fact is ongoing proof in every episode. The pseudoscientific 'sex facts' add another layer of comedy, because of it's so-called cutting edge-ucation. Naked Attraction as a world would be very silly.    Desire for Meat

Wellbeing Duck: The Mental Fight For PIP

  Wellbeing Duck: Have They Rejected Your PIP Claim? You Should Fight Back!  Days ago everyone in the UK with disabling mental health problems were recently struck bellow the belt by the tax dodger, Rishi Sunak!  A denied PIP claim for a significant mental health condition can turn your world upside down and leave you feeling gutted or accused. People need their support, especially if you have taken the advice of professionals such as disability employment officers, counselors, community psychiatric nurses or maybe even your own psychiatrist, who might have recommended you to not work.  Well, now those politicians who give themselves nice payrises and claim huge expenses have just made things tougher and have done a U-turn on many individuals living with mood and anxiety based mental illnesses. The solution here is to be strong and patient. Draw in your support circles and fight for your rightful PIP award; it might be financially better for you in the end. This guide aims to equip you

The Resurrection Story We Never Mention

The Resurrection Story We Never Mention!  What is more plausible, an executed religious leader who fronted a growing movement, abruptly raised from the dead? Or a group of his followers hiding his body to claim the same thing?  This topic resonates with me because of the dissonance I've seen from my entrenched family members, and the fact that  I go obsessed with religion when I'm turning kooky. People throw all common sense out of the window just to believe biblical narrative or fixate on it. Thick books with stained glass windows on the covers, exist, sitting on the bookshelves of gray haired men discussing such pointless topics, issues that can never be resolved. The Empty Tomb: Was Jesus Resurrected? Well, uh, no. Obviously not! Don't be silly! However, the impossibility of it is never sufficient in breaking the paranormal premises disguised as some variant of academia. I advise leaning on the laws of nature and medical science, but people are people.  'No this is

Wellbeing: Keeping religion in check, when you are feeling unwell

Holy Smokes! Where'd the Miracles Go? Years ago I was going through a few wacky symptoms and my own unstable mindset, which, unexpectedly, directed me toward our church! Skipping on a little bit, and I found myself literally expecting armaggedon at any moment! At one point, I was convinced of my healing powers and I grew suspicious that I might be an actual incarnation of Jesus. Clearly, I wasn't balanced, and the preacher's never really helped. You see, religiosity and psychological moments of vulnerability, can, being honest here, be an unhealthy combination. Its not about gullability, but rather the strong mental states in which a person can find themselves. Here are a few points well worth consideration if you, or a friend, begin to go religiously unwell.  Firstly, have you ever wondered why the Bible is chock-full of miraculous happenings , while these days . . . well, there's nothing? Let's dive into that holy world of ancient beliefs and stand firm, armed wit

Is the UK Unhappy?

Feeling Down? Well, if You're in the UK That Makes Sense: It's The UK Mental Wellbeing Ranking Has Fallen! One Nations Misery Is Another One Nations Happiness, Right?  Let's face it, life here in the UK isn't always sunshine and beer gardens. A recent study ranked us second to last in terms of mental wellbeing—ahhh! But before you book a one-way ticket to Benedorm, there's more to this. . .  The Telegraph points to a few possible culprits we could blame for these collective blues. One big finger points to the internet and social media  with its constant barrage of negativity and unrealistic portrayals of perfection. It aided the economic woes that put retail mostly online, providing many thriving towns into empty building projects and charity shop high streets! That's before we even get into culture wars, and wokism. It looks like we're turning into a  digitised national echo chamber, teeming with  screen addicts, who, on average, now spend less time making

Should Psychiatry Use the Term: Personality Disorder?

Should We Replace the Collective Term 'Personality Disorder' with Something More Sensitive?  Years ago, when I was a student mental health nurse, I wrote an article for an NHS magazine called Mental Health Practice. It was an opinion piece, reflecting on how careful we should be when labelling a condition as a personality disorder, because, the meaning carries connotations directed at ones sense of identity. It is counter-intuitive given how invalidation itself significantly impacts on people living with these diagnoses. The name of this condition acts like an ongoing trigger of the condition: We can, for example, argue, that borderline personality disorder, alone, is infact, confining a person to their disorder. When a trained psychiatrist labels someone, and, someone who (like everyone) will have their own personality, will feel an unkind impact. Immediately, upon diagnosis, their personality is sort of stamped 'out of order,' you could expect a person might feel fraz