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Analytical Atheists

Is it Wrong to Say We Are Smarter Than Our Religious Brethren?    An analytical atheist is quite a compelling character, a modern archetype often standing the Contrarian to traditional faith. A pparently, if you believe in god, you're more likely to score lower on an IQ test than these people do, according to recent studies! One of them specifically looking into the connection between atheism and IQ was published in the journal Intelligence in 2013. It analysed data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which included over 20,000 participants. Individuals who identified as atheists or agnostics had higher verbal intelligence scores than those who identified as religious. We use our verbal reasoning to conceptualise words for problem solving and reasoning. However, non-believers and believers had very similar non-verbal intelligence scores (Nyborg, 2013). Non-verbal intelligence is that ability to address visual, wordless issues. We forget that IQ tests are onl