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Philosophy to Physics: a character development of God and the origin of life


The Beginning...

We have always wanted answers and human imagination has never failed to offer them. Years ago, even during the era of Socrates, philosophers debated life and its mysteries. Aristotle, born 384 BC, had all things resulting from his prime mover – a force of movement shifting throughout the world and the cosmos. What he meant by its movement was not exclusively a linear sense but also multi-directional like fire, melting metal, expansion of forces, explosions etcetera.
Heraclitus, born circa 535 BC, interested in metaphysical thought, developed two similar ideas, Panta Rhei, literally meaning everything flows. An appreciation of impermanence through change and the concept of the Logos (our potential human capacity to link with the logic/common sense of the natural world). Heraclitus acknowledged we all have some degree of knowledge and clarity of thought, but he stressed that we need better understanding of the Logos, or our own ability to engage with this world which is always reaching out to us. Maybe he said all things happen in accordance with it, but that ambiguous and esoteric message should not sound strange to those who attended Sunday school or church. Although, the interpretation of Logos is not straight forward, most translations theme around thought, commands and creation. For example, "word", "formula", "plan", "account", "measure", "reckoning." Therefore, it should not surprise anyone to know that Hippolytus, born 170 AD, later held the Logos synonymously with the Christian Word of God. Likewise, the thirteenth century monk Thomas Aquinas identified the Christian heavenly father around Aristotle’s philosophy. Comparatively, in the imaginative comic book narrative of the DC universe, we see similar ongoing character development. For arguments sake, we can say modern humans have done exactly the same with Batman as the ancient ones did with Hellenic Christian developments of God. The caped crusader changed from a camp sixties television comedy to a dark contemporary sociopath of the black label series. It strongly appears that the god of Israel, Yahweh, grew from Sumerian roots.

Before Aristotelian Christianity, the prime mover was not dependant on anything—it was pure none physical energy moving the cosmic bodies. The purpose of this blog isn't to attack orthodox beliefs or even sneakily coerce people toward any Abrahamic religion, it's about exploring the similar ideas across new and old artistic archetypes. As well as theosophical and philosophical concepts that have occurred across the world and continued to evolve, from Hermes to the Flash, Hades to Batman, Zeus to Superman. Vedic Hinduism, Sikhism, New Age concepts to the Native American Indians to name a few, hold a universal being or a god, sometimes a force or natural source which permeates everything to the endless of DC/Vertigo. When Neil Gaiman wrote stories for Morpheus the Dream-King, he often researched fitting lore and mythology from around the world borrowing from ancient Japan, the Yin and Yang master to Shakespeare's England to name a few. Cultural crossovers of deities and God's occurred in the ancient world within the stories of Ea and Yahweh, Persephone and the story of Ereshkigal, as well as Ninurta and Archangel Michael.

They say consciousness creates reality 

Some modern academics and quantum mystics alike, have spurt out words about consciousness forming reality at some time. The evidence from the double slit experiment, as well as the sound mathematics of Everett’s many worlds theory, not forgetting Schrödinger’s cat, captured interest in the twentieth century and still does. Some of this science is mirrored in the pages of DC's Crisis of infinite earth's and the new 52, flashpoint or Marvels Spider-verse.

Modern physicists, neuro-scientists and philosophers alike, might ask if trying to find a conscious substance within fundamental particles is do-able.  Those with set religious beliefs may not feel confident with reality being of an unknown consciousness. Some argue that people are aware of their limited mental power over the material world. We have never conjured up wealth, longevity or super abilities. On the other hand, if reality is saturated with consciousness, it would not necessarily imply mind over matter. This notion sounds very much like the Jedi and the concept of the midichlorians from Star wars. How could anyone confirm the presence of subatomic consciousness if it has never been seen?

Belief at how life and reality emerged 

The primordial always begins in any ancient text, hieroglyph or cuneiform tablet with some sort of chaos or expansion of monstrous energy. The Old Norse had their giants and the Sumerians had their Tiamat of the abyss, but we have our big bang. Aristotle, Heraclitus, Plato as well as many other ancient eastern thinkers reached similar conclusions, purely by contemplation.

Essentially, the modern west generally accepts physics as the root of all things (inevitably, it will uncover more mysteries for us). No one knows all of the various forces pulling in every ebb and flow in this expanding multi-verse. These unknown energies twisting into every crevasse and expression it can become.

In our known universe, physical energies became sub-atomic particles and then evolved into chemistry. Then, chemistry formed into biology and biology became aware. Every variety of life is an emergence of this primordial invisible motion. Maybe it is the prime mover or the ever flowing. Abandoning all religious connotation for now, energy has become material. This force, which animates all life and makes up all matter, is realistically experiencing its material incarnations independently.

A hard problem and possible anathema 

Our greatest minds are coming closer to defining reality and how we see it. People still marvel at the double slit experiment—how purely observing fundamental particles can influence their behaviour. Perhaps it works not by the principle of us unwittingly creating reality, but rather because of an unseen sympathetic/empathic mechanism or interface. Our senses process fine grain information and send it to our brains syntax department, so we understand our surroundings.
Information is omnipresent, however we never consider it possible, that it could become erroneous or akin to a glitchy video game world, for instance. Around 2012, theoretical physicist James Gates discovered a mathematical computer code in string theory equation, sparking off multitudes of creation and Holographic theories via mathematical design. To be fair, it is easy to imagine the young double slit experiment being the result of some sort of error correcting code which Gates postulated.
Though does this mean the neuroscientist, Karl H. Pribram was also on the right track? He said the brain is a holographic network which holds memory and it follows the same rules and fit the deeper quantum level of reality. He went on to add that memory is created by wave interference patterns, the firing electrical waves across dendrite and fine neuronal differ to the standard action potentials taught in universities. Modern influential holographic mind theories have since developed from his work.

If thought itself, shares a mutual proto-conscious energy or substance as the particles observed in the double split experiment, it is reasonable to consider whether this is a key factor which excites change?

If life did emerge into being from a primordial energy or a prime mover, our functional biology would have layers of systems working together intelligently—good gosh, it does.
The constituencies of the human system interact upward and sideways. It reminds me of unicron, from the eighties transformers film. Like us, Unicron had many smaller functional organelles, from mindless scavengers to intelligent defense robots maintaining his body. They operaterated from a basic level to the most complex. Humans have a similar hierarchy from the tiniest flickers of energy in our gluons, the renewal of atoms, and even the duties of molecular workers, right up to the outward psychology of the social human being. If intelligence is observable in every living cell, property dualism and pan-psychist  notions become plausible. Our bodies warrant it. Kinosine motor proteins walk along our cells microtubules dragging vesicles to their designated points like little workers. RNA coding and mitosis for instance, both delicately and accurately undertaken by chemical communication.

 Astrocytes, the defenders of the brain, hold responsible duties from storing and distributing energy substrates, creating and maintaining links to other cells. They even regulate cell creation and balance our brain chemistry.

Considering that basic excitatory and inhibitory responses inform thinking and communication, we may quite easily share intentionality with our own tiny micro-organelles. We maintain and preserve our homes and families just as the astrocyte nurtures and oversees its quota.

After the tentative confirmation of the Higgs Boson and Higgs field in 2013, (an omnipresent energy field thought to exist everywhere). It is possible such spins of physics and radical expressions of energy could have manifested and evolved into the bizarre, nothing like what we see on earth. From speculation, water roaches and bottom feeders of lakes are oblivious to the birds that live above them, just as very few lions are aware of sharks. Like them we have limited scope and sense hardware. Therefore, maybe it is conceivable to suggest that other sentient beings may have, or could one day evolve from the unimaginable. Strange genetic-like occurrences based from obscure fundamentals, the likes of tachyons (time particles) or gravitons, photons or anti-matter perhaps. Most life forms on earth have density that can be touched, but this should not be a pre-requisite criterion for all potential life forms, as we know, diversity runs wild where life can be found.

It seems we are still characterising the almighty. Seeking to define the ultimate theory.   

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