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The Simple Misogynist

Is It Really That Simp le? I can't remember what I was doing the last time I was called a 'simp' by my teenage boy; it definitely had something to do with me helping my better half. I wasn't really taken aback by the cheeky bugger, given his sense of humour. Who cares, I thought, I was being called an NPC or one of those sims from that domestic simulation game, The Sims? Well, I had it all wrong and, days later I found myself lecturing the poor chap about the shortcomings of incels and the malignant narcissism of that Andrew-S*dding-Tate bloke who beats women or something? Admittedly, I was quite impassioned and I criticised him just for entertaining that horsesh*t in the first place. Of course, I felt guilty for overly stressing my displeasure. I failed to give him his due credit  for not being pulled into it; he was just curious, because he found their views stupid.  A spectrum of misogyny exists, stored online, it marginalises women, transgender people, slams homosex