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Joan of Arc: Whispers of the Saints.

A Historical Blog about the Amazing Joan of Arc: Treasure of France. Jeanne d'Arc, was born in the year 1412 in Domrémy, a village in north eastern France. Her father was Jacques d'Arc, a farmer, and Isabelle Romée. To English speakers she is known as Joan of Arc, and we might picture her in the same light as how the movies and entertainment might portray her: like a pious Wonder women , but raised on Catholicism instead of the old Greek gods.  Joan grew up surrounded by a community that shared a dominant religious worldview, in a land of political unrest, which she would have accepted from a very young age. The key to her story however, was that she told people that she heard the voices of various saints urging her to help France in it's war against England. There was political and religious motivation behind her actions. For in  Domrémy,  God backed the French against the woeful English.  The context of Joan of Arc's story is historical France, which was not very stab