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The Compelling Characters of Cartoon and Illustrations: how I try to draw.

When we read a book such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for instance; we will conjure up various images of Victor Frankenstein, even though the classic black and white film uses a mad scientist archetype, which however, is not in the novel at all. Regardless, there's nothing wrong with borrowing this popular movie icon to fit Shelley's story if you read it. Either way, the point is, Victor Frankenstein, like many fictional literary characters, tax our imaginations, we take on the job of visualising or bringing characters to life through interpretation—this is where the work of the author ends and where we begin. The cartoonist and illustrator does exactly the same when drawing up a character from imagination, or when capturing a person on paper. Symbols, pop culture, stereotypes, tropes and memes are all tools of an artist. For example, you've likely seen the comparative caricatures of Trump make an impact by amalgamating him with a spoilt tantruming child or cry baby?