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A Fairy Good Question?

Is it irrational to believe in The Elves, The Dwarfs, Fairies and Goblins?  Who might argue, that belief in The Elves is irrational? Just because there's no empirical evidence to support them doesn't mean they're not real, no? Whoever says the burden of proof sits with believers, clearly don't believe.  Why do you need evidence for an Elf? All sorts of clever arguments exist that focus on design of the cosmos and cause, which have been refuted by philosophers and scientists. In fact, some atheist hardliners  insist that belief in Elves can do more harm than good, for example: the public might believe an ailment they have, is in fact, Elf-shot , leading them to unwisely seek an insufficient remedy from a witch, only to die, because it was brain cancer all along.  Apart from The Elves, The Gnomes can also make people feel terrible with regards to our sense of self-esteem and self-worth. The Journal of Religion and Health published a paper claiming that worshipping such j