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The Justice League

The Justice League The New 52 Justice League: this book sets the course of the journey. I  would say Vol.1 Origin, is the quintessential superhero team formation story to date. However, it's not that it's written or drawn well, but that it set the scene for things to come across all of DC.  This first Justice League book, from my perspective is the next book following Barry Allen's new universe following the  Flashpoint story arc. It's the altered world he returns to at the end of the book, his costume and memories change too, as he speed runs back to 'the future' he thinks he came from—then he's absorbed into it.  The writing, character development and banter in Justice League Origin, is what comic book fans expected from that god-awful Justice League film. Here their dialogue crackles with energy and wit. I mean, even in print we see better action—it keeps your eyes on the page. Writers took risks and pushed boundaries, creating epic story arcs whilst teas