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The Mystical Experience: Where Human Experience Dissolves into Spirituality and Religion.  The Mystic Don't you think 'The Mystic' sounds pretty dramatic? I'm sure it might conjure up jedi-like imagery, something a bit merlin or those stigmata marks on devoted monks. What springs to my mind are those orange clad sitters who tranquilly await enlightened, but equally, there are shamanic seers, and the Islamic Sufi who can also enjoy mystic experience. Regardless of any cause, be it neurological, or even the psychological, spiritual, drug induced or even a traumatising event, they're all experienced and often called mystic.  No tradition, faith or ethnicity can claim exclusivity of this sort of thing, even though we might think otherwise. It's unique, personal . We can see for ourselves how mystical experience go by a variety of names across the globe, here are a few: moksha is Hindu meaning liberation, gnosis was secret experiential knowledge stemming from antiq

DC Rebirth Superman

The Superman and His Rebirth! 

The man of steel on the big screen was iconic as Christopher Reeves. There have been many since him, a few before but he is the one that stuck for many of us. Maybe because quite a few artists based their Supermen on the popular Reeves version that embedded itself in our psyche. 
Superman in black flying

This Superman in the DC Rebirth graphic novel series consists of an Action Comics run as well as one from the Superman comics of that time, and they crossover well. We can see the nod to the classic era Superman and Christppher Reeves and those earlier comics. Both merge into one narrative, well worthy of praise, but, like with all graphic novel collections, there are fillers and duller parts, but I was fascinated by how they smuggled this Superman back! 

Superman comic art

This kryptonian is the last person you would eant to seduce your wife or girlfriend, he's got a perfect masculine form, most earth woman fall at his feet and he can fly. You can't pick a fight with him because he's stronger than anything on the planet. In new 52 there was a thing between Wonder woman, and him but that was all retconned and never happened. You see, what makes Superman so good is his high morality, his extremely selfless nature. He is unlikely to cheat on people or harm anyone. The man is a long suffering do-gooder which we need in this world. 

In the evolved story, we are essentiallly viewing the future. A future way ahead in a possible Super-Reeves story. Clark Kent and Louis Lane had lost everything, and went into hiding. After surving on an alien planet during the convergence event they finally arrived on the New 52 version of earth. It was yet another parallel world for them, not tneir own. It already had a Superman of its own! What the holy hell? Isn't that such a juicy premise? Clark remains in the shadows and focuses on his family, but made himself available to assist if needed. 

Cartoon drawing of superman

If you liked Superman as a kid, you really should read these. Admittedly, it can be a confusing story if you dont read the right material first. I recommend the New 52 death of Superman (which is a must read). However, those Iconic red trunks and all that old school hero
get-up eventually return, in the end—a nod to the character's rich historical legacy. It's different with Batman because. . . well, realistically, there has been a glut of underwear free batman movies since 1989, and the comics followed suit. This is a license, an unspoken agreement between creators and fans, a fresh tradition of no bat-pants. On the otherhand, aliens from strange planets might wear their pants on the outside or disguise themselves with glasses. 

Anyway the artwork is a real pleasure from the onset, and it's a enjoyable read, with vivid colors that vitalise the dynamic angles in various action scenes. I love how they capture the sense of height when Superman takes off. Sadly there is more than just the one artist. I read all of them, and found myself wondering how he managed to father a child with Louis Lane on the first place: a strand of this Kryptonians hair can hold a ton, his sneeze can blow over a car, when he flicks a peanut it's as deadly as gun shot, so how could he fornicate with a fragile earth woman without blowing her head off or something? He can't just turn off his super strength. 

Cover art of superman, his son Jon and wife Lois.

The introduction of Mr. Oz was a bit of DC sneakery. There is a lot of that in this series. He was huge a misdirection from the upcoming Watchmen event that overshadowed every Rebirth publication. This mysterious mass manipulator from behind the scenes, was indeed, another great spoiler that has its place in Superman lore. Although he ramped up the intrigue, it did become make it clear that the rebirth of Superman was the sole purpose of the DC Rebirth initiative. 

Superman and Superboy flying at altitude.

Of course critics complained about Superman's diluted character, however, in comparison, Green Lantern's New 52 and Rebirth make this Superman look astounding! Traditionally, the man of steel is depicted as a beacon of hope and an unwavering strength who inspires the people. This Clark Kent, (in hiding as Clark White), is plagued by doubt after Convergence and witnessing the death of that worlds version of Superman; insecurity understandebly haunted him after super criminals came for his son, this all shows his human side. Relatability. Ignore the critics it's great! 

If classic Superman is the fully restored optimal version of himself, Clark White is not quite restored for much of the story. He's had to learn why his kryptonian qualities had weakened so much, and so, this gives rise to his family priorities. I tell you, I would love those powers, even though they're weaker than usual. I think he's at Homelanders level.

Clark and Lois embracing with a kiss

Bearded Clark the husband, the dad, son and friend is a richer character than the action figure he has been before. Nothing is more ideally suited than family for the Superman; that iconic and unwavering beacon of hope. Great stuff, not quite as good as Batman. 


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