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Religious Moral Inconsistency

Religion provides laws that people are expected to abide by, but there is hypocrisy. For example, such as when an individual believes God has commanded them to do something contrary to the norm. Now, what should be done, when someone does something socially unacceptable in the name of a deity that lands that person in trouble with their religious leader? You see, the monotheistic types love Abraham, the biblical character who prepared to murder his son Isaac, because he heard God command him. So, realistically, does this mean that any Joe Bloggs or Jane Doe who blames a divine command for their bad behaviour, should, avoid judgement? In all fairness they can appeal to similar scenarios with biblical characters in the divine scriptures, which mustn't be questioned—it is a bit of a paradox. From a secular viewpoint, imagine if a person called Bob commits murder, let's just say, he kills a few politicians, corrupt ones, who (for want of a better argument) might have started world