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DC Rebirth Superman

The Superman and His Rebirth!  Superman in his DC Rebirth graphic novel consisting of Action Comics and Superman, crossover well. They make one narrative, well worthy of praise, but, like with all graphic novel collections, there're the dull bits! Going on what we saw with the rebirth arc for  Wonder woman , the writers, acquired a love for superhero tradition, and not even the big man himself could escape it. 'Put them red pants back on!'  Clark Kent and Louis Lane had lost everything, and went into hiding. After surving on an alien planet during the convergence event they finally arrived on the New 52 version of earth. Yet another parallel world. It had it's own Superman and Clark decided to remain in the shadows, focusing on his family but being ready to assist if needed.  It can be a confusing story, especially after reading the New 52 death of Superman (which is a must read). However, those Iconic red trunks and all that old school hero get-up eventually return, in