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The Button: Batman & Flash

Batman/The Flash: The Button The Button is a DC Rebirth graphic novel, written by Tom King. The Rebirth series follows the new 52 timeline. I recommend it, straight up. The story centres on the relationship between Batman and The Flash as they investigate an anomaly. It's the smiley faced Watchmen button, recovered from a wall in the Batcave, but it's behaving very strangely! So what many people from the comic community of the internet seem to enjoy about The Button is primarily it's storyline. It's quite intriguing. The artwork is a belter, to boot. Time travel and alternate universes have been done many times, but doing it well is what matters, and it does. King gives a nod to a modern classic.  As we always compare one superhero to another, Batman and The Flash don't engage in combat in this graphic novel. In fact, The Flash offers his help because Bruce Wayne, The Bat, is hurt and needs Allen's support. This book is also a by proxy celebration of the two