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You Can Call Me Hal!

Hal Jordan, Member of The Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan, the fearsome Green Lantern of Sector 2814.  Hal is one of those characters who faces many challenges and setbacks. A man who soldiers on in his stories, loyal to the Corps. A risk taker who had to overcome even the toughest obstacles. That's him in a nutshell, this Top Gun-esque maverick fits the mould, he might grows on you because he'll push the limits to get results. The character has his flaws which is a good thing.  Admittedly, Hal Jordan simply is not as cool as John Stewart. In fact, Jordan could still pass as a cheesy 80s television action hero. He reminds me of that guy from the original 1983 television series V, well he pretty much fits in with the other 80s cheese:  The Green Lantern Corps, however, is a collective force, under the leadership of ancient, blue coloured 'guardians'. Green Lanterns are super advanced space police of the DC Universe, empowered by rings of the highest technological advance