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But, uh . . . Are Any of These Pope's Catholic?

When The Pope Relies on Medical Science and Your Mate Calls him out as Whited Sepulchre or a Holy Sh*t. I mean, fair enough, if you're atheist and you've saturated yourself in plenty of those grimy  atheist vs theist debates across popular social media platforms, your genitals might jingle in delight at the news of the Popes respiratory ailments.  Oh my goodness, these b****rds've attacked science for years, stomping on it with their faith, the regressive praytards. Ignore them! The Lord'll smite these soulless atheist low-lives because they are, well .  .  . uh, soulless low-lives, until they convert; then they'd just be low-lives.  Stop, for the f***ing love of God! There's too much aggression in the world, for heavens above, why can't you all just convert and stop being filthy heretics! Anyway, (I went off on one) these people, just by shear indoctrination, believe holy water can exorcise demonic forces (that also aren't real).  Going on that logic,