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Feeling Down? Well, if You're in the UK That Makes Sense: It's The UK Mental Wellbeing Ranking Has Fallen! One Nations Misery Is Another One Nations Happiness, Right?  Let's face it, life here in the UK isn't always sunshine and beer gardens. A recent study ranked us second to last in terms of mental wellbeing—ahhh! But before you book a one-way ticket to Benedorm, there's more to this. . .  The Telegraph points to a few possible culprits we could blame for these collective blues. One big finger points to the internet and social media  with its constant barrage of negativity and unrealistic portrayals of perfection. It aided the economic woes that put retail mostly online, providing many thriving towns into empty building projects and charity shop high streets! That's before we even get into culture wars, and wokism. It looks like we're turning into a  digitised national echo chamber, teeming with  screen addicts, who, on average, now spend less time making

But, uh . . . Are Any of These Pope's Catholic?

When The Pope Relies on Medical Science and Your Mate Calls him out as Whited Sepulchre or a Holy Sh*t.

I mean, fair enough, if you're atheist and you've saturated yourself in plenty of those grimy atheist vs theist debates across popular social media platforms, your genitals might jingle in delight at the news of the Popes respiratory ailments. 

Oh my goodness, these b****rds've attacked science for years, stomping on it with their faith, the regressive praytards. Ignore them! The Lord'll smite these soulless atheist low-lives because they are, well .  .  . uh, soulless low-lives, until they convert; then they'd just be low-lives. 

Stop, for the f***ing love of God! There's too much aggression in the world, for heavens above, why can't you all just convert and stop being filthy heretics! Anyway, (I went off on one) these people, just by shear indoctrination, believe holy water can exorcise demonic forces (that also aren't real). 

Going on that logic, freshly blessed priest piss would do some serious damage in a demonic invasion! Imagine the resistance fighters, armed with urine filled water piss-tols, clergy hurling their own holy sh*t grenades at some horned and hoofed Duke of Hell, just outside a Tesco somewhere, in a dystopian Church-free future. Yes, well, is your mate a prick for jabbering on at a chubby old religious leaders tally with death, or not?

Sort of, from a certain point of view. A certain point of view? Yes, you see, many of the truths we cling to come from a certain point of view. 

Theism holds theological points of view about the world, and science, well that, my genius of a reader, is an approach at gaining knowledge via measurement and experimentation. That's pretty much it. 

All those nil-by-f***ing-brain 'discussion champions' who try to put both paradigms in an arena and make em fight are not getting Science or Catholicism. Lot's of scientists as well as our medical professionals might have a religion, (which has always confused me) so why can't the main Catholic himself, The Pope, go to hospital without anyone taking the piss? 

Well, to be fair, science and atheism differ a sh*t ton, but certain atheists do authoritatively wield science like a Templar would his sword—more often than not, their scientific knowledge is dog sh*t. 

So what's the crack? Paedophiles aside, think about Jesus, healing the sh*t out of everyone. He taught his followers to do the same, they'd also acquired the power, you see? Never heard about anyone healing Siamese twins, though. 

Nevertheless they'd still practice hands-on curing of the sick, well, flobbing on them rather, it was the spit that healed them. Not my words, Jesus actually spat on people, Mark 8:22-26. 

Anyway, that's the crux of it—healing. Why on earth did not one person from the Popes holy entourage spit on the f***er? 

There are loads of saints who healed the sick! Honestly, I'm not just playing the Contrarian here, but even this bloke, Oscar Romero, actually healed a woman from Salvador in 2015 with that very thing I'm pointing at>>> the Jesus touch! Come on, give us an honest, fair explanation, no William Lane f***ing Craig jibber jabber: why couldn't anyone else in the Catholic Church cure the actual-main-f***ing-guy-leader-of-the-church-Pope?

They can't have it both ways, that's the point! Either stick with Jesus hands health care in your Vatican Palace, or you simply go to hospital like everyone else does, and thus, in doing so, you confess by proxy, that your healing b*ll*cks, is in fact, all b*ll*cks! 

I guess your mate wouldn't be a total prick; there's a valid point in this.

If you enjoyed this, a little feedback and a share would be great! 😀

Two vicars as cartoons


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