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Abrahamic Religion: The Bad Stuff.

There is Always a Calling for Power-Lovers, Those Who Relish War, or Fancy Being a Predator! YouTuber Sarah Rocksdale posted a brave and sincere video, sharing her experiences of upbringing and indoctrination within an evangelical Christian community. Hat's off to her. Being raised in such a manner may seem subtle compared to the harsh realities of Middle Eastern strictness, but even mild indoctrination shapes our worldview! Molding a child's perspective to conform to religious dogma and discouraging their instinct to question stifles their intelligence. In these cults , girls are often made to blame themselves for the sexual advances of aroused men. We've seen this in the case of Warren Jeffs of the FLDS, and in historical abuse cases within Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches—more will likely come to light. Child offenders exploit the bodies of minors, but religious abusers also manipulate their victims' behavior, leading to ongoing compliance. Buddha and Jesus

Do You Reckon Jesus Could Have Been A Cult Leader?

Every Religion Starts Out Small. . . right?  What is a Cult? A cult is a sect perceived as different from everyday life because it is considered radical or simply wrong. In contrast, religion is integrated into society. Cult members don't lead normal lives compared to free civilians; their group identity centers around their communal lifestyle often based on theological arguments . Often, a charismatic autocratic leader may facilitate undesirable outcomes, such as dictating financial measures or imposing sexual and/or work-related demands. In extreme cases, there have been instances of mass suicide. Unsettling indeed!  There have been cult-like comparisons made with Jesus before. These seem reasonable. Why not? For instance, Jesus's followers voluntarily devoted their lives to him and willingly faced death for their beliefs. Manson's family surrendered their lives, but they committed murder for Manson. Osho's 'Red People' took up arms for Osho, and then there