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Politics is bad for your mental health!

But how do you know she's a witch?

From my point of view, the years leading up into Brexit had three specific characters who stood out as harbingers of shit; David Cameron, Jerry Kyle and Katie Hopkins. I held concerns over Tory cuts, which I believed was draining our health care even further. It was salt to the wounds caused by Blairite Labour. In my town, their government closed our huge learning disabilities complex, now it's an abandoned ghost town. The Lucy Baldwin hospital is currently decaying out of sight and the mental health day centres are long gone; Labour policy was to encourage NHS bosses to buy in services themselves, to source private medical services, a financial strategy, aimed at raising standards via the business model of service competition. Perhaps it was a bad idea, Cameron exacerbated matters. I wanted to see something done right for once. This blog is about the social changes I experienced, coming from a person who used mental health services from this period.

"Often, when unwell, it was easy to reach the conclusion that I was worthless to the country, an eater, parasitic, a sub human or insufficient provider."

Cameron's Conservative government promoted negative attitudes towards the likes of myself and other people in my situation; those affected by an illness significantly disruptive to simple routine employment, or a condition that's ended all chances of a working life. It was as if a super villain was living in number ten downing street. I felt conspiratorial, especially after hearing about the secret Eaton group and what he allegedly did with the pigs head.
The Real Shadow Cabinet 
In parliament such topics were regularly attacked with an unhelpful attitude. Of all people, I recognised the prime minister's values were regularly shown across the UK by Jeremy Kyle; a traditionalist, right wing brute of a talk show host with a narcissistic presenting style, no stranger to yelling or sneering at his unemployed guests, calling them jobless layabouts even ordering them to get off their lazy arses and back into work! It seemed this manner of disdain and converse was acceptable toward people in my situation, otherwise it wouldn't have been transmitted. This ongoing mentality shown on television spilt over on to social media, which I suspect influenced two old friends of mine into behaving uncharacteristically disrespectful toward me. Often, when unwell, it was easy to reach the conclusion that I was worthless to the country, an eater, parasitic, a sub human or insufficient provider. Negative ideas of this kind are unhelpful when facing a depressive episode. When a low drains a person, thinking can turn self destructive and greatly limit physical energy. Evidently, Kyle and Cameron seemed to miss how mental illness could hinder or ruin employment; I watched as Jeremy Kyle scalded one guest after he said he could not work because he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety attacks are known for leading people to A&E because people think they're dying. This arrogant telecaster would unapologetically broadcast disgust directed at people who found themselves in circumstances that weren't always very advantageous—I believed it influenced the entire country. The man was a compelling character and so was Cameron because they both sang from the same song sheet, appeared on the same screen. I felt uneasy, conspired against, unsure if the government was financially monitoring me. Like many unemployed, mental patients, I did not know who was against me.

"He often bragged to guests that it was his name in the title not theirs!"

We all know where Jezza ended up, however; one of his guests, Stephen Dymond, sadly took his own life after a lie detector claimed he was dishonest. We know Jeremy Kyle preached to his guests about responsibility, accepting when you're wrong and standing up and be a man. During the suicide inquest of the unfortunate soul in question, Mr Dymond, Kyle clearly lacked the strength of his own convictions, he maintained a very low profile. Imagine if it was depression or anxiety that incapacitated this curiously behaved presenter—would that have been okay? He offered no public apologies or statements, took no questions and he remained out of the public eye.
Moral Broadcasting
The talk show host shared no words concerning "his" show during the investigation. He often bragged to guests that it was his name in the title not theirs! Scores of individuals failed his pseudo-scientific lie detector test over the years, up to one third of them would've been innocent, and as a result, unjustly faced punitive outcomes or a tarnished reputation; polygraphs are only seventy to ninety percent accuracy rate. Thank god this witch trial of a show was axed!

"Other right wing television programs indirectly stigmatising people with no job." 

Disability and incapacity benefit issues were initially incidentally pulled down because all benefits claimants were being frowned upon. However, the Cameron premiership eventually made either survivors or suicide statistics of any poor sod diagnosed with a significant condition causing them to struggled with work. These marginalised people were feared at times; I was considered too dangerous to work in anyone's home for the assessor job I wanted in care, I was denied by a job-centre professional who was adamant about the aggression of "bipolars".
I've never been an inmate of Arkham asylum but I was made to feel that way. Nationwide, other individuals, far worse than me, were pushed into work they simply could not do. As well as Jeremy Kyle, other right wing television programs indirectly stigmatising people with no job. The Great British Benefits Handout, for starters, and Benefits By The Sea, Battling With Benefits, Benefits Britain, Skint Britain, Benefits Street: life on the dole, to name but a few. Pure saturation, the right-wing initiative was obvious to me. The characters who in ended up on camera had been chosen as examples to confirm a stereotype; sportswear, poor oral health and living in council dwellings, while inducing their own poverty via their acquisition, and priority for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and mobile phones. The media succeeded in pushing an unfair representation just as they did with Islam and terrorism. To add to this misery, Professor Marmots report in 2010 concluded to the government a need to invest in less privileged areas with education, training and health literacy. The report was not followed.
Instead, their moral panic promoted an agenda to bully people into work, it was similar to the prejudice that led to the cultivation of Islamophobia during he same time. A character from one of the benefit programs spoke out. She addressed producers, asking ITV to stop being biased in their portrayal of the unemployed. 

"Class based discrimination is ever present and subtle."

As well as the aforementioned Jeremy Kyle and benefits themed television programs, amoral tabloids that featured contributions from the hateful Katie Hopkins tempted public opinion with loaded headlines, demonising and making an example of the odd family with excessive children or tainting the rare Muslim household accused of obtaining social welfare dishonestly. "These scrounging people need to get back into work!" Was the gist of David Cameron's parliamentary utterances. "It's time we issued an unemployed persons uniform!" Hopkins publicly suggested, most of us know she's condemned people for being overweight, she even likened immigrants to cockroaches and the then prime minister compared the country to a functioning machine. Of course, any machine will need fully functioning parts working properly in unison, this makes sense, but machines lack illness or humanity. I thought he discriminated against disadvantaged families rather well, even though his son was disabled. We are generally intolerant of racism and rightly so, but class based discrimination is ever present and subtle. Social classes supervene on one another; the middle to the upper classes know there is a lower status majority beneath them and that it is less fortunate. Sadly, Cameron's poisonous buzzwords crossed over occasionally; the benefit scrounger and the radical Muslim gave rise to the abominable job-seeker jihadis. The sentiment cultivated racism and apathy. I didn't like the UK or its leaders.
Not everyone can work, such truths don't stop being true just because a bunch of Eatonian want a societal squeeze; comparatively, in the UK, very few Muslims are terrorists and they certainly aren't all anti-white as Hopkins wanted the public to believe.
Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy 
However, the opposite on all counts were propagated; footage after footage, fake videos portraying selected acts of aggression carried out by angry men of Middle Eastern heritage, often out of context and some of it proven to be propaganda—understandably, these things misled innocent internet users. It created tension. As well as this, and ignorant of the facts, Westminster psychopaths cut vital benefits for people with life-long illnesses. It was scary. I couldn't afford another breakdown, another family member was mentally unstable, self harming and anorexic. These benefits upheavals came after the press shamed these particular sections of society, mainstream television continued to air cheapening programs. Number ten pushed unnecessary degrading assessments; doctors, however, have always possessed sufficient primary medical evidence. Suicides increased after authorities followed Conservative rules. The proverbial round peg splintered under the hydraulic pressure against the square hole. Going on US and 2017 UK Government Statistics, white middle aged men who experience mental distress (mental health diagnosis), are the section of the population with the highest suicide rate. It's a good job we had the charity, Mind, to fight the government. 

"It's becoming common to see labour MPs downplay their own status to appear less wealthy."

Britain became low in mood, it was dull and miserable. It was not because of any leaders departure or arrival, but rather the bickering spawned by Brexit; it festered and turned people against one-another, especially on-line.
I had been experiencing more night anxiety than I could remember. Sadly, the only party who honoured the original democratic result was the Conservatives, those who I despised; the ones who utilised the media to make a parasite out of anyone like me, the scum who created austerity. A confusing shift started to happen, labour began to morph into a party more prevalent for the middle classes, seemingly dropping the working class altogether. UKIP and the Brexit party started to gain an increase in old labour voters. Even so, you may be a labour supporter or may even have Facebook friends who are passionate lefties or Corbynites to varying degree, I do, and retrospectively, I remember how in school I envied their lifestyles; one child in particular was intrigued by my parents council house, having never seen one. Some of my leftist friends were raised in higher status homes than I was; conservative areas now, private estates—realistically, in my teens I often felt beneath them.
I remember listening in disbelief to the movie star, comedian and sitcom actor, Rob Delaney in a pro labour advert for the Brexit election in 2019. Essentially, he described himself as not being a billionaire or a millionaire, but instead as one of the rest of us who depend on the NHS—at that point I realised working class labour was gone, I asked myself: why do millionaire actors depend on our public hospitals? I had prior knowledge that Jeremy Corbyn, and his front bench such as Thornbury, Starmer, for example, were all millionaires! Increasing amounts of rich, famous people such as Hugh Grant or Stephen Fry had turned their interests toward the NHS or the labour party; the opposition who delayed the winning result of the referendum, arguably a counter-democratic position.
Rob Delaney goes to his hospital appointment
Rob Delaney from Deadpool 2, however, admitted that America had expensive but inferior health care in comparison to us. He explained how scary the bills were for him. I personally have no friends with roles in Hollywood blockbusters like The Hustle! Elton John doesn't live on our estate or pop in the local for a pint. I very much doubt Peter Andre has ever been spotted in Aldi. Despite being able to easily afford private care, the movie star, Delaney, didn't hide how he'd bee-line to use our NHS provision in the future. It sounds just like David Hasselhoff declaring his love of farm food. It's an insult of intelligence, a media play like Cameron and his Benefits Street.
Jess Phillips is another person of celebrity status who identifies as working class, a legit brummy who speaks with a local accent, saying it how it is, in parliament or on television with famous people—her well off upbringing, on the other hand, is not a favoured topic of conversation. This has always been about class, it seems. It's becoming common to see labour MPs downplay their own status to appear less wealthy. The internet lefty circles I've met, offered a thumbs up if I agreed with them, and then they'd go quiet. For my sins, I'm a person who likes to learn; more than enough, I've endured name calling, rudeness, blocking and I've even being unfriended from various triggered by self proclaimed hard left when testing their ideas.
I've never enjoyed being rebuked or ridiculed as if I was some kind of political enemy, purely for wanting to explore or scrutinise politics. It shows something else is going on with this kind of mindset; as if pre-installed tenets of cultural coding, fire up into self defence mode whenever the wrong ideas are mentioned, even as a free agent. It's not normal broad-based politics anymore, things erupt, the tone is low.

"The radicals can burn their proverbial Wicca men, voodoo dolls, effigies for their dark gods of identity politics."

The hard left and the far right are not friends. I don't believe, self ownership and free thinking are part of their poisonous tribal game. Human beings have been indoctrinating themselves since year dot; spilling over to organisations, woke culture, feminism, political hierarchies, alt right, and radical movements, is also understandable. Playing the devotee can limit the conceptual space needed for forging new ideas with baggage.

I asked myself would Jeremy Corbyn or his followers have treated benefits claimants or Muslims with similar confrontational language as Cameron, Hopkins or Jeremy Kyle? Given Labours apparent humanism, I doubted it at first, but I considered the insults used by internet hard leftists and how they saw me; an undeserving beneficiary of the oppressive patriarchy, a racist, xenophobe and a fascist. I decided all politics was full of toxic people and unhealthy. I was certainly sick of accepting friend requests from people like this, only for them to inevitably kick off, before unfriending me because I chose not to agree. We saw racism develop with Corbyn's party just like Cameron's government, but in the form of antisemitism; its in-depth investigations and bullying of MPs showed it was even worse. Over the past Brexit years, I'd spent hours obsessing in more than one, insane argument which dragged on for days and sometimes nights; I unwittingly exchanged sleep to debate. The internet, especially Facebook and Twitter was a battle ground which, pulled me in as my mood became even slightly susceptible to agitation. The internet morphed into something unhealthy for me. I was hell bent and righting stupid wrongs that a flawed species will always make. Defending myself by engaging instead of keeping clear. After two nasty episodes nearly got me, I concluded it was time to mark political types as people to avoid, like I always had, and focus on staying well.
How dare you have that opinion!
For all I care, the radicals can burn their proverbial Wicca men, voodoo dolls, effigies for their dark gods of identity politics. It's a sad example of hatred these days, especially when I have seen people from the same circles take up the cause for mental health!
Never mind the white privileged male benefactor of the patriarchy, consider how he's a xenophobe for being a brexiteer or an Islamophobic, if he voted conservative. He certainly risked being an anti-Semitic for choosing labour; it seems no matter what a white man'll never be without blame. After the right-wing propagated so much unfair ideas, woke culture is continuing the job. 

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