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Tongue In Cheek

The Dalai Drama... Since his apology for asking a boy to suck his tongue, the Dalai Lama's reputation has taken a hit. I'm not plunging into the ugly talk of paedophile accusation, as such; I don't think there's enough evidence. More to the point, I can't help but wonder about this man's dedication, his meditating and years of reflecting on Buddha wisdom before finding Satori and eventual awakening.  It looks like I'm sprucing him up, but, what I'm saying, is—to be enlightened on earth, is to be a very insightful mind living among regular people. Okay, there's always been a contrast between the illuminated and common folk across any myriad of religious culture. However, the ultimate goal of the Buddhist is Moksha, the liberation from death and reincarnation. Now, what I find sad—but, at the same time quite interesting—is that when the illuminated mind of the Sage is touched by dementia, it shows us that nothing is sacred. It's almost paradoxical;