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The Hulk: Quite Angry.

The Hulk: A Green Menace or a Benevolent Force? When it comes to comic book characters, few are as iconic as the Hulk. This olive toned temper tantrumer was created by the comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, but the Hulk has made a few evolutionary changes—his first colour was a creepy grey, and he had more in common with Wednesday Addams than The Avengers. But who is the Hulk today? What makes him such a compelling character? The central theme of The Incredible Hulk is a study in contrasts, not too dissimilar to that of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. Likewise, we have the brilliant scientist: Bruce Banner, a man with a calling to understanding the mysteries of the world and his contrasting counterpart, a super strong monster. However, the sage rage of this giant olive tinted philistine has limitations: he simply a vandal; he can't be seen as a victorian murderer, like what we see with the rage of Mister Hyde. The way Hulk/Banner interact within the confines of the same pers