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Is Britain Institutionally Racist?

The Sh*t Show of Racism! People can feel as if they are racist these days for not integrating much, or by having no friends outside their group comprised of the same ethnicity.  For years, however, science has told us we all have an own-race bias. A bias for recognising the faces of other people who share our own ethnicity, this has shown to start when we are babies. It's natural. Holistic based explanations are not uncommon: we bond to what faces we see frequently, recognise familiarities and take pleasure in people in whom we can relate—is it fair to call this racism?  Maybe this factors in on people's choice to auto segregate, Mandaeism and Islam, for instance, both show that endogamy preserves culture. Though, for all accusations, is Britain really institutionally racist? Historians such as David Olusoga and Kehinde Andrews might refer to Britain as a country for white privileged benefactors of colonial slavery.  Professor Andrews —who narrated the documentary 'The Psyc