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Jesus Reflections: Near Death Experiences and The Afterlife

Just Jesus Thoughts...  Life isn't fair, is it? Consider, hypothetically, an afterlife exists where Jesus, is incredibly famous. This concept of life after death may seem bizarre, but let's entertain it for a moment. I'm non-dualist, so I'm not promoting religion here. For centuries, countless believers have died, and according to the New Testament, salvation could come to anyone. This is another religious moral inconsistency , do you agree? Consider the contrast between the life of Jack the Ripper and Joan of Arc . If access to heaven doesn't require a lifelong commitment to self-improvement, what's the purpose of religious rituals?   Anyway, going on Christianity, The Lord's Prayer suggests surrender to God, an invitation for Him to enter the earthly lives of those who recite the prayer. It indicates that the kingdom of heaven is within us, a concept also found in gnostic texts and the Gospel of Luke, where it's stated that the kingdom of God is intern