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The Mystical Experience: Where Human Experience Dissolves into Spirituality and Religion.  The Mystic Don't you think 'The Mystic' sounds pretty dramatic? I'm sure it might conjure up jedi-like imagery, something a bit merlin or those stigmata marks on devoted monks. What springs to my mind are those orange clad sitters who tranquilly await enlightened, but equally, there are shamanic seers, and the Islamic Sufi who can also enjoy mystic experience. Regardless of any cause, be it neurological, or even the psychological, spiritual, drug induced or even a traumatising event, they're all experienced and often called mystic.  No tradition, faith or ethnicity can claim exclusivity of this sort of thing, even though we might think otherwise. It's unique, personal . We can see for ourselves how mystical experience go by a variety of names across the globe, here are a few: moksha is Hindu meaning liberation, gnosis was secret experiential knowledge stemming from antiq

Relativism in Religion?

The Universe has all the Qualities the Ancients called God, but is it something else?  Human beings often marvel at the cosmos. We might hope to find meaning, inspiration or signs of a creator. Religious figures such as Christ's Heavenly Father or the Gnostic Monad, I say; were shaped by non-religious ideas found in ancient Greek philosophical works about nature and the heavens. In churches today, people are expected to simply believe in creeds and the supernatural occurrences in religious text. Questionable propositions such as walking on water and resurrection. This relativism, believing in that which is usual unacceptable but only when situated in church, but retaining ones british skepticism in their private life, is quite baffling.  If we stripped away all our religious belief systems the unimaginably supreme cosmos will not change one iota. We might hold some conventional ideas of the supreme being, usually a male figure, and decorated with adjectives fit for the cosmos itsel