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Politics is bad for your mental health!

But how do you know she's a witch? From my point of view, the years leading up into Brexit had three specific characters who stood out as harbingers of shit; David Cameron, Jerry Kyle and Katie Hopkins. I held concerns over Tory cuts, which I believed was draining our health care even further . It was salt to the wounds caused by Blairite Labour. In my town, their government closed our huge learning disabilities complex, now it's an abandoned ghost town. The Lucy Baldwin hospital is currently decaying out of sight and the mental health day centres are long gone; Labour policy was to encourage NHS bosses to buy in services themselves, to source private medical services, a financial strategy, aimed at raising standards via the business model of service competition. Perhaps it was a bad idea, Cameron exacerbated matters. I wanted to see something done right for once. This blog is about the social changes I experienced, coming from a person who used mental health services