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Feeling Down? Well, if You're in the UK That Makes Sense: It's The UK Mental Wellbeing Ranking Has Fallen! One Nations Misery Is Another One Nations Happiness, Right?  Let's face it, life here in the UK isn't always sunshine and beer gardens. A recent study ranked us second to last in terms of mental wellbeing—ahhh! But before you book a one-way ticket to Benedorm, there's more to this. . .  The Telegraph points to a few possible culprits we could blame for these collective blues. One big finger points to the internet and social media  with its constant barrage of negativity and unrealistic portrayals of perfection. It aided the economic woes that put retail mostly online, providing many thriving towns into empty building projects and charity shop high streets! That's before we even get into culture wars, and wokism. It looks like we're turning into a  digitised national echo chamber, teeming with  screen addicts, who, on average, now spend less time making

The Simple Misogynist

Is It Really That Simple?

I can't remember what I was doing the last time I was called a 'simp' by my teenage boy; it definitely had something to do with me helping my better half. I wasn't really taken aback by the cheeky bugger, given his sense of humour. Who cares, I thought, I was being called an NPC or one of those sims from that domestic simulation game, The Sims? Well, I had it all wrong and, days later I found myself lecturing the poor chap about the shortcomings of incels and the malignant narcissism of that Andrew-S*dding-Tate bloke who beats women or something? Admittedly, I was quite impassioned and I criticised him just for entertaining that horsesh*t in the first place.

Of course, I felt guilty for overly stressing my displeasure. I failed to give him his due credit for not being pulled into it; he was just curious, because he found their views stupid. 

A spectrum of misogyny exists, stored online, it marginalises women, transgender people, slams homosexuality, basically everything except this cult logic of being a 'real' manly man. The weak herds of unique sheep follow. A social contagion of this kind will never be good us. 

Anyway, looking at the insult: 'a simp' is internet slang, hurled at submissive men who offer so-called 'excessive' affection to womenusually a wife or partner in hope of obtaining sexual favours! It comes from simple/simpleton. These 'macho men' well on the misogyny spectrum, call any guy a 'simp' for not embodying the idealism of the superior sex. Yes, it really is that simple, or is it? 

Certain men fit this definition well. For instance, imagine all the sons and daughters who have faced being fleeced out of their inheritance by their fathers gold-digging fiancĂ©. These things happen, it's a true story. Frustrated as any offspring would be in these powerless scenarios; patriarchal ignorance always plays the key role in this notion of a simp. 

The best of us make mistakes, our smartest can be deceived, even Andrew Tate himself. However, in my own family, there are weak men. Not all guy's can be strong. Steven, my brother in lawI shall call him this for privacy reasonsis dominated by his wife. He works a full week plus overtime; groggy unchanged toddlers are thrown at him the second he walks through his front door, his dinner is never cooked, and the house is always a shambles. This 'simp' is expected to cook, clean and look after the children, while his wife enjoys her leisurely pursuits. Now, it's an observed truth that all couples find their own areas of dominance and submission, it's natural. My better half is like a practical genius with DIY, and to be honest, I have no idea what I bring to the table!

kids'll buy into this internet dogma, just as they lapped up dubstep!

However, Steven, is burning out. His partner is visibly parasitising off of him, and to his own disservice, he allows it. Even after she committed adultery and told him about it, he apologised to her! Sharpened his carnal skillset between the sheets, wined and dined the woman, and then, he let her sod of to Magaluf with her friends. We were all baffled, because he is so desperate to keep the horrible woman—anathema to any 'alphas' out there. It continues to this day; she was found out again! covertly dating while he babysat for her. Trying out the word 'simp' to describe the men in this blog feels wrong, regardless of how accurate it might appear by definition. 

A cartoon of a man being frightened by his wife

Omar Moran would also be called a simp, he has been married all of my life. A spirited man, enjoys his tomfoolery, somewhat highly strung, hardly a rocket scientist, but not an ignoramus. Above all, he means well and, he's just like Steven with his wife. Jill his partner permanently forbade him from attending church. Omar is known as being, 'under-the-thumb' but it goes further than this. His wife, Jill, always has the final say. This dialogue is based on something I witnessed at a friends house:

Omar Moran: I do fancy some chips from the chippy, I'm starving! 

Mick: And me, come on, we'll walk over and fetch some. 

Omar Moran: Yeah, kebab meat and chips'll do nicely. What you having, Jill? (asking his other half)

Jill Moran: I'm okay, not very hungry. 

Omar Moran: Oh, uh, I think I'll leave it then, you know, Jill's not having anything, so uh. . . 

Mick: What?! But, I thought, you, er said you fancied. . . aren't you hungry anymore?

It's a given fact, alpha types who bully women are mentally weak; submission is a strength, and the submissive allow people to be dominant, I suppose. A line exists between the doormat and the gentleman. However, it's up to every one of us to challenge this stupid reasoning that attacks the dynamics of relationships.  

It's a different kettle of fish when your partner's a psycho! 

Cartoon of a tenager in a pool of his own bodily discharge



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