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A Unique Sheep

The Unique Sheep: Ironic Non-Conformist Ego's of the Flock?   I've got an ego; we all do, but mines got class! Such amazing social ego. I'm unlike anyone else folks, look at me! Doesn't it smells like brain fart? Though mine does reek of masculinity because I'm rad. I don't want to ramble on about ego too much, but rather explore our fascination with individuality, because, well . . . I just think egotism is behind these self defining postures that people make. Oh, yeah, I want to explore how irrational we are as a species. Along with ego, our best bits all tie together, somewhat like bondage, your nice bits turn blue and you just want to hurry up and get to the crack.  We are wrapped up in ourselves to the point of distraction; hardly noticing anyone elses eccentricities or f***wittery, until we laugh at the other goof-balls on Gogglebox or Britain's Got Talent. I'll start this of with a simple true life example of mine, then, I'll break it down. On