Semi Fictional Trollop

The Trollop: Helly Sourham!

The term 'trollop' is a derogatory name, but seriously, loads of generations have used this word as a humorous expression, admittedly, it is of disapproval, pointing at bad conduct. Definitely, the word does conjure up a negative vibe, I concede. However, it also serves to encapsulate my semi fictionalised cartoon character, who, in fact, actually meets the criteria of the word!

The word 'trollop' originated from the word 'troll,' a fourteenth-century French term used to describe a slovenly woman, wandering off in the quest for game. Helly Sourham, did precisely that, cheating on Steven, her husband of seven years. Throughout the ages 'trollop' evolved and now it generally means a messy tart. Helly Sourham is this archetype with a pulse, quite an interesting character. I would love to know her psychological profile or psychiatric diagnosis, if she has one!

Instead of discussing this woman's offensive manner, my persistent woke friend, Ivy, is ceaselessly reiterating her idea that the use of an unkind name like 'trollop' is unnecessary; it kindles unwanted attitudes, she said. She is quite well-spoken, quite posh, and delivers her point with class. Using kind words is inclusive. She reckons promoting positivity renders a much more pleasant society. I told her that even the word 'slattern' was interchangeable with 'trollop,' then she scowled at me. It also describes someone who is untidy or slovenly in appearance or habits. 


We could, you and I, dear reader, entertain Ivy's well-meaning fluff and argue: yes, we can all acknowledge derogatory language might boost an unfavorable belief toward certain women. We could say people should use constructive and sensitive dialogue, but no! Should loveliness warrant us to uproot that ancient practice of shaming the morally devoid?

If our morality really did evolve alongside social structures, then evidently; countless people will have experienced disgrace, guilt or shame for their own societal wrongdoings. Guilt, shame and dishonour do incentivise behavioural modification. This person is immoral, so what should we do if someone doesn't care about hurting other people or their animals?

Names are a tried and tested historical intervention, like sinner or criminal, low-life or riff-raff. It doesn't sit well with those gentle-people who reward those who don't deserve it. 

Helly Sourham might be a trollop, because she let's her little ones play in her poo ridden garden, instead of picking it up. People might call her a trollop or worse directly, but her family choose not to cause any drama—she blames them for her behaviour! Sadly she puts demands on her husband, and her mother; they do her share of childcare, as well as capitalising on breakfast and after school clubs notching hours up to ten hours daily. Her kids difficulties with reading and hatred of the establishment are not her concern. Who will sort her out? 

Even as Steven works long hours, she makes deliberate plans to see other men without him knowing. Her unsupervised children salvaged sweets from across the filthy house where her dogs (with electric collars) defecate and run-in garden dirt! To be fair, the children are mostly nourished by takeaway. 

After boasting to her younger sister about having unprotected sex twice with a stranger, she detailed sleeping with Steven after returning home the same morning: remnants of the strangers bodily fluid still present. This 'trollop' knew better, after studying sexual health and contraception.

The Western World has taken a lot from Judeo-Christian history and culture, including the archetypes of The Whore of Babylon and The Virgin Mary. Even today, the whore and the virgin can serve as a spectrum or a dichotomy on which society often makes subconscious comparisons regarding women and sex. It is harsh and unfair. 

The sexual revolution of the sixties and seventies brought liberation. Normalising the pill was a victory and the vindication of masterbation, sex before marriage, and pornography all rightly challenged patriarchal religion across the Western World. In modern years, people in Chicago and Germany went on so called, 'slut walks' to promote women's rights to dress how they like without male discrimination, and I agree 100%. However, we can avoid not hurting others. 

Helly Sourham, on the other hand, has little respect for people. Badgering her husband to buy her breast implants and tummy tuck after cheating on him is a new low! The new surgery body was planned for her holiday to Ibiza to which, Steven never went. Simp. She limits expenditure on her children but lavishes herself. 

Helly Sourham, disrespects herself too especially by recklessly avoiding contraception, and then transfering bodily fluid, it also risked the father of her children; all of this contributes to a label or an adjective! Sexual liberation of the sixties and seventies, didn't advocate this! 

Agreed, it might be tempting to label Helly as a free-spirited, sexually liberated woman, it would be ignorant of her infidelity, hedonism and toxicity toward her family. Therefore, calling her a trollop or just seeing her as a 'trollop' seems quite forgivable. 

It would be stupid to confront this borderline Jezebel directly about it because a huge tantrum would likely follow—weeks of victimhood, hypocrisy and toxicity. 

In other words, nothing will incentivise this individual to mature, apart from herself. 

She doesn't want to change. 


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