Disrespecting The Departed Queen

Why is it so ugly to see?

I saw a couple of posts accusing Elizabeth II of being a parasite. As well as this, there have been a few art posts on Instagram portraying her in a negative light, as well as regular memes done in bad taste—not forgetting that booing up in Scotland. It is sad this behaviour is churning out before her funeral! I'm not a massive Royalist. In fact, I don't even read about them. I think one particular moral value of mine is that decent folk don't spit on graves, the flavour of disdain is not palatable for me. That and usually, before we start smashing the jokes out, we wait a couple of months (admittedly, I cut close to the mark with Prince and Keith Chegwin).

What's with the Parasite thing? 

Years ago, David Ike made money demonising the Royals in his books. He once said The Queen was a reptilian from space. He may have been trying an edgy approach or something, I have no idea, but I doubt the schizotypal conspiracy illuminates among us have contributed to charity work or the country as much as the Queen did over the last seventy years. If the anti-monarchy agenda label our recently departed Matriarch a parasite, what will they say about the rest of us? Are recipients of benefits also parasites? If not, are they called something else like bottom feeders, maybe? Circumstance has forced sections of the public to rely on food banks, generally, opiniated narcissists like to throw their intracranial excrement at other people just to validate self image—perhaps this factors into it? The expenses scandal of the 90s revealed a 'parasitic nature' in politics which continues today. Comparably, working class families are richer than the countless starving children in those television adverts asking for donations; if £5 feeds someone and you have £5000, at what point do you become a saint or an idiot or just mean with your money? 

Bad Politics Bad Conduct? 

The age of retirement in this country is 67 for some and like my father, many are given a cheap watch, and a half-soaked speech before you clock out for the last time. Pensions and the life of retirement is fantastic for some but not all. My point being, anyone can call anyone a parasite, it's just low. The Queen was working only two days before her death, approaching one hundred! Without a choice, she was born into a life where public service was the norm before becoming the country's Monarch. She was expected to learn the pomp and tradition—she did what was expected of her—you cannot choose what family, heritage or nationality you are born to. 

Accusing the Queen of colonialism, as well as stealing the Jewels and treasures for her Royal adornments was another unfair post. Let's just imagine she decided to abdicate and dissolve her monarchy and reset everything pre-monarchy just before her passing? We would see some international disinterest in our country for a start, his means fiscal disadvantages. Anti-Elizabethan sentiment is blown around the playground by politics and anti-monarchism. However, dissolution of monarchy would be a large democratic motion facilitated by The Palace, White Hall and Westminster, but it isn't going to happen. It is funny to imagine The Queen on a jewellery heist for her sceptre and diamonds, as social media geniuses have implied. Also, with regard to historical blaming, in no form of logic can people be rightfully held accountable for the actions of relatives born years before they were: should we slam Prince Andrews daughters on trial for his antics with Guiffre and Epstein? In fact, I could be charged by the descendants of the murdered French soldiers my forefather arrowed down in the skirmishes under Edmund Mortimer in 1415. Should we demand an apology from Rome for conquering us? Expect compensation from Norway and Denmark for Viking raids? 

The word parasite is not a fit word to describe anyone who attracts business and global alliances to the country. It's not the correct word for anyone who never retires, created a commonwealth and regularly engaged with Prime Ministers. If you're tempted to goof off on the royal family, maybe wait at least a week or so. 

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